Monday 6 June 2011

The ultimate boyfriend!

I went to the toy shop with the man the other day to pick up a present and while i wandered off by myself i found this!


He only says what you tell him to and he doesnt even cost 25 euro!
I think thats a fair price for some "sweet talkin'"!

Sunday 22 May 2011

HRH Queen Elizabeth II in Cork

Friday was a big day for Cork. For the first time Queen Elizabeth II visited Ireland and on her last day she came down to Cork.

She arrived with a helicopter together with the Duke of Edinburgh in Cork Airport and then visited the English Market, which got a lovely make over for the occasion, and later on the Tindall Institute.
The whole visit was only about an hour long.

Me and the man decided that we cant miss a day like that, so we positioned ourselves at the road along with 30000 people. We didnt made it into the city centre, but we saw them driving by twice. Unfortunatley they swapped places in the car so we saw the duke much better than the queen. I really wasnt all that excited before but the atmosphere was brilliant and i couldnt help myself but wave at them too. Only a little though :-) Loads of Garda were around too, but they were very friendly and the whole day was lovely!

My little camera didnt get any nice pics, so im stealing one of them man. Its not the best shot in the world but you see them.

Thursday 19 May 2011

Feet Dreams Cork

I went and got a fish pedicure with two of my friends today! It was already the second time i did it and i think its great fun. It takes a bit of time to get used to the feeling of fish sucking your feet, it feels a bit like your feet are asleep. But i really think it makes my feet nice and smooth and apparently it is good for your blood circulation as well.

I heard a lot of people being very concerned about the safety of the whole procedure. It is banned in some american states and Canada cause the fish cant be discarded or sanitized. I understand that for some people it might seem unhealthy or dirty cause of all the other feet the fish nibbled at. For me personally i think it is fine. You have to fill out a form before doing it saying if theres anything wrong with your feet, no open cuts or diseases ect. and before dipping your feet into the tank you get a foot bath. The tanks themselves are very clean and being filtered constantly. And by the way, the fish get also fed regular fish food, not just feet :-)

In the end is everyones personal decision! I like it, and i even made a video his time!

If your in Cork you should definitely check the place out, its on Washington Street. They also have a Facebook page here.
For anyone interested, the fish are called Garra Rufa! More information on Wikipedia.

Thursday 28 April 2011


Roadtrip season officaly started for the man and myself due to lovely weather!
First trip of the year was down to schull, one of many more to come! Its one of the loveliest villages in west cork and i cant wait to spend loads of time there!
I just took some pics of the harbour while we were having the biggest Ice Cream Cone in history but im sure next time i will take a few more.

It was such a lovely day that i decided to take my new hat out, woohoo! I know you cant see much but i love it!

Sunday 24 April 2011

Happy Easter

Happy Easter everyone! Hope you all find your Easter Eggs and have a lovely day!

The man and i already got ours, lets see if you can guess which one is mine :-)

We also painted some eggs, well we drew on them with a marker. Hey, you go to work with what you got!

In case you wonder about the bottom left egg, it was a rude egg and had to be censored :-) It was the first time the man decorated easter eggs as this doesnt seem to be a tradition in Ireland. Bottom middle and left are his and i think he did pretty well!

Saturday 23 April 2011

You never forget your first doctor

End of march was my Birthday and the man got me the loveliest presents in the world <3
He gave me two rings, arent they just so pretty:

And most importantly i got a "Doctor Who" shirt. We ordered it on my birthday and its finally here. I love it to bits :-)

Just in case you dont know who the Doctor is see here:
I love "Doctor Who" and could watch it all day long and im so happy about my shirt!

Wednesday 30 March 2011

i have to do something all day long...

I dont have a job at the moment, so im mainly a domestic goddess. Most of my time im spending with cleaning and cooking and baking and doing the laundry.... Which is alright with me for the moment but it can get a bit boring!
Two weeks ago the man and i went to switzerland on holiday and to show him to my family. There will of course be a seperate post about the trip but for now its just important that my sister gave us a book she found in a little souvenir shop. Its a childrens book called "Swizzly awakes". Its about a little scarecrow in switzerland. Main reason for my sister to give it to us was the fact that it is written in german aswell as english. 

My nephew adored the book and he ordered a scarecrow straight away and it had to be before his birthday. And being the good aunt i am i said that it wouldnt be a problem at all, although i never made anything doll-like before. So here he is:

For a first try pretty good! Im also making an elephant for my baby nephew, but hes not quite finished yet:

His legs arent really the same lenght, migh have to start all over but at least it keeps me busy!