Thursday 28 April 2011


Roadtrip season officaly started for the man and myself due to lovely weather!
First trip of the year was down to schull, one of many more to come! Its one of the loveliest villages in west cork and i cant wait to spend loads of time there!
I just took some pics of the harbour while we were having the biggest Ice Cream Cone in history but im sure next time i will take a few more.

It was such a lovely day that i decided to take my new hat out, woohoo! I know you cant see much but i love it!

Sunday 24 April 2011

Happy Easter

Happy Easter everyone! Hope you all find your Easter Eggs and have a lovely day!

The man and i already got ours, lets see if you can guess which one is mine :-)

We also painted some eggs, well we drew on them with a marker. Hey, you go to work with what you got!

In case you wonder about the bottom left egg, it was a rude egg and had to be censored :-) It was the first time the man decorated easter eggs as this doesnt seem to be a tradition in Ireland. Bottom middle and left are his and i think he did pretty well!

Saturday 23 April 2011

You never forget your first doctor

End of march was my Birthday and the man got me the loveliest presents in the world <3
He gave me two rings, arent they just so pretty:

And most importantly i got a "Doctor Who" shirt. We ordered it on my birthday and its finally here. I love it to bits :-)

Just in case you dont know who the Doctor is see here:
I love "Doctor Who" and could watch it all day long and im so happy about my shirt!