Monday 29 November 2010

Picture of the Week

never again

He was the only one in the family who liked baked beans
He loved films with Bud Spencer and Terence Hill
I had to come downstairs when the phone rang cause he refused to pick it up
He had a great sense of humor
Theres no denial where i got my stubbornness from
He was freakishly good at Nine Men's Morris
He hated rice
I only have one picture with the two of us
He didnt liked to be poked in the side, thats why i did it
He was grumpy
He chose my name after a silly song
I will miss him...
Bye dad, i love you!

Tuesday 23 November 2010


I got a parcel yesterday with the charger for my mobile, which my mum was supposed to send me after i forgot it in Switzerland in August! Funny enough she sent the wrong one, but i will be home in four weeks anyway so i told her to forget about it :-)

More important was the additional item in the parcel! At first i wasn't sure what its supposed to be, and when i rang my mum about the wrong charger she told me that it was a present from my big sister <3

So that's what i got:

Looks like a button but it is a little metal box which can be opened to reveal something wrapped in tissue paper. At this point i still had no clue what the hell this is!

So i unwrapped the paper and things got a bit clearer :-D

Its a teeny tiny little Advent Wreath!! How cute is that?? I cant wait for the 28th now, the 1. Advent, to light the first candle!

I have the best big sister EVER!

Monday 22 November 2010

Picture of the Week

The picture of the week.
The reason i will do that from now on is that i have so many pics on my laptop that i took and put in a folder and there they are now lonely and forgotten. So why not post them and give them a bit of a life?

Sunday 21 November 2010

Harry Potter

Ive been to the cinema yesterday to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1. Last time i was in a cinema that full was Alice in Wonderland, it was completely sold out. Good thing we were there early as you don't get a seat number!

I was so excited to see it, the trailers already looked really good and i enjoyed the other six films very much.
And i absolutely loved it!! Seeing as the films got darker and more tense with each book i was expecting the same for this one, but they managed to get a lot of humor in it too. Especially the relationship between Hermione and Ron is the source of a lot of really funny scenes!

The actors are doing a great job, the scenery is lovely and its just a really good film! I cant wait to see part 2, its so long until July! But i can only recommend Part 1, i think i will actually go and see it again :-) Two thumbs up from me!

Today was a lovely day in Cork. It is really cold here now, but i finally managed to get a warm parka. Roll on winter, I'm not scared of you!

Today was absolutely gorgeous though as the sun was shining, so i went for coffee in town. I had my first Christmas coffee of the year (a gingerbread latte), which made me get in to a bit of a Christmas spirit so i went to get the mans Christmas present. I cant tell you what is is though, as he is probably reading this too...

Also i decided to post a picture of the week from now on, yay! There will be a new pic every Monday, starting tomorrow!

Sunday 14 November 2010


Today was a lovely sunny day so the man and i took a trip to Youghal! We went to Front Strand for a little walk. Its getting quite cold here, but today was a gorgeous day with lots of sunshine! I took some lovely pictures while trying not to get wet :-)

 sunny day is sunny

the man taking pics with the proper camera

Unfortunatley the weekend is over already! I wish i had more than one proper day off a week, when youre only off on sunday the weekend is just so short!

Tuesday 9 November 2010

Curls and another trip to the cinema

Im quite obsessed with my curling iron at the moment! Usualy my hair cant be straight enough but all i want now is curls!

And the more often you do it the faster you get, it takes me like 30 minutes now, which isnt to bad compared to the hour it took me in the beginning! Unfortunatley the irish weather isnt my friend at the moment, constant rain destroys straight or curled hair in seconds! Ah well, i do it anyway...

Ive been to the cinema again, the man wanted to see "Despicable Me".
It was actually quite funny, its about a supervillain who has seen better days and tries to steal the moon with the help of some orphan girls. The end is kinda predictable and the story sometimes a bit too corny, but its a kids movie after all and its quite enjoyable anyway. I loved the little helpers the villain has called minions, they were just too cute!!

Picture via

Oh, and i survived halloween!! I finished my costume in the last minute and my makeup was done with eyeliner, but it was a great night! I would post some pictures, but i dont have a good one :-(