Wednesday 30 March 2011

i have to do something all day long...

I dont have a job at the moment, so im mainly a domestic goddess. Most of my time im spending with cleaning and cooking and baking and doing the laundry.... Which is alright with me for the moment but it can get a bit boring!
Two weeks ago the man and i went to switzerland on holiday and to show him to my family. There will of course be a seperate post about the trip but for now its just important that my sister gave us a book she found in a little souvenir shop. Its a childrens book called "Swizzly awakes". Its about a little scarecrow in switzerland. Main reason for my sister to give it to us was the fact that it is written in german aswell as english. 

My nephew adored the book and he ordered a scarecrow straight away and it had to be before his birthday. And being the good aunt i am i said that it wouldnt be a problem at all, although i never made anything doll-like before. So here he is:

For a first try pretty good! Im also making an elephant for my baby nephew, but hes not quite finished yet:

His legs arent really the same lenght, migh have to start all over but at least it keeps me busy!

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