Thursday 19 May 2011

Feet Dreams Cork

I went and got a fish pedicure with two of my friends today! It was already the second time i did it and i think its great fun. It takes a bit of time to get used to the feeling of fish sucking your feet, it feels a bit like your feet are asleep. But i really think it makes my feet nice and smooth and apparently it is good for your blood circulation as well.

I heard a lot of people being very concerned about the safety of the whole procedure. It is banned in some american states and Canada cause the fish cant be discarded or sanitized. I understand that for some people it might seem unhealthy or dirty cause of all the other feet the fish nibbled at. For me personally i think it is fine. You have to fill out a form before doing it saying if theres anything wrong with your feet, no open cuts or diseases ect. and before dipping your feet into the tank you get a foot bath. The tanks themselves are very clean and being filtered constantly. And by the way, the fish get also fed regular fish food, not just feet :-)

In the end is everyones personal decision! I like it, and i even made a video his time!

If your in Cork you should definitely check the place out, its on Washington Street. They also have a Facebook page here.
For anyone interested, the fish are called Garra Rufa! More information on Wikipedia.

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