Tuesday 9 November 2010

Curls and another trip to the cinema

Im quite obsessed with my curling iron at the moment! Usualy my hair cant be straight enough but all i want now is curls!

And the more often you do it the faster you get, it takes me like 30 minutes now, which isnt to bad compared to the hour it took me in the beginning! Unfortunatley the irish weather isnt my friend at the moment, constant rain destroys straight or curled hair in seconds! Ah well, i do it anyway...

Ive been to the cinema again, the man wanted to see "Despicable Me".
It was actually quite funny, its about a supervillain who has seen better days and tries to steal the moon with the help of some orphan girls. The end is kinda predictable and the story sometimes a bit too corny, but its a kids movie after all and its quite enjoyable anyway. I loved the little helpers the villain has called minions, they were just too cute!!

Picture via hollywoodnews.com

Oh, and i survived halloween!! I finished my costume in the last minute and my makeup was done with eyeliner, but it was a great night! I would post some pictures, but i dont have a good one :-(

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