Sunday 21 November 2010

Harry Potter

Ive been to the cinema yesterday to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1. Last time i was in a cinema that full was Alice in Wonderland, it was completely sold out. Good thing we were there early as you don't get a seat number!

I was so excited to see it, the trailers already looked really good and i enjoyed the other six films very much.
And i absolutely loved it!! Seeing as the films got darker and more tense with each book i was expecting the same for this one, but they managed to get a lot of humor in it too. Especially the relationship between Hermione and Ron is the source of a lot of really funny scenes!

The actors are doing a great job, the scenery is lovely and its just a really good film! I cant wait to see part 2, its so long until July! But i can only recommend Part 1, i think i will actually go and see it again :-) Two thumbs up from me!

Today was a lovely day in Cork. It is really cold here now, but i finally managed to get a warm parka. Roll on winter, I'm not scared of you!

Today was absolutely gorgeous though as the sun was shining, so i went for coffee in town. I had my first Christmas coffee of the year (a gingerbread latte), which made me get in to a bit of a Christmas spirit so i went to get the mans Christmas present. I cant tell you what is is though, as he is probably reading this too...

Also i decided to post a picture of the week from now on, yay! There will be a new pic every Monday, starting tomorrow!


  1. I just did a bit about Harry Potter on my blog and then saw you have too! I think everyone's gone HP mad at the moment so that's probably why. x

  2. lol, just commented on your post :-) HP is EVERYWHERE at the moment, but to be fair, this one was really good!