Tuesday 23 November 2010


I got a parcel yesterday with the charger for my mobile, which my mum was supposed to send me after i forgot it in Switzerland in August! Funny enough she sent the wrong one, but i will be home in four weeks anyway so i told her to forget about it :-)

More important was the additional item in the parcel! At first i wasn't sure what its supposed to be, and when i rang my mum about the wrong charger she told me that it was a present from my big sister <3

So that's what i got:

Looks like a button but it is a little metal box which can be opened to reveal something wrapped in tissue paper. At this point i still had no clue what the hell this is!

So i unwrapped the paper and things got a bit clearer :-D

Its a teeny tiny little Advent Wreath!! How cute is that?? I cant wait for the 28th now, the 1. Advent, to light the first candle!

I have the best big sister EVER!