Friday 15 October 2010

I really tried!

So i was kinda bored and i wanted to clean the keypad of my laptop anyway cause some of the keys werent working properly (i never used the 7 that much, but B is kinda imporant) and i thought i could do it all by myself. I was soooooo wrong!
It started of quite well, i took a picture to remeber where the keys belong and then i took them off, so far so good!
nearly there :-)

I cleanded out all the rubbish, which was quite a bit after 3 years
Next thing i did was loosing one of these little rubber nipples under the keys, so i had to decide where to steal one! I hope i wont miss my Page Up button to much ;-) Then all the keys back on again, but sadly some of them werent too happy about that. They all still work, its just that some of them dont move at all anymore, for example my O looks like this now:
It is still working, i just cant push it down...
But to be fair i didnt really broke it, just a little :-)

So that was my first real post, very exciting i know! But im getting there :-)


  1. I was looking forward to reading about lemonade in this post :)