Sunday 17 October 2010


I've been to the cinema twice this weekend, so here two tiny little reviews :-)


I went to the cinema with the girls so it was chick flick time! We saw "Life as we know it". I didn't had very high expectations, to be fair i didn't had any. And i wasn't too surprised... The film is OK, the end is kinda predictable and so are the jokes but hey, its a chick flick! What i do want to mention though is that i really liked the music!! <3


Saw "Social Network" with the man. Again, i wasn't really sure what to expect and i have to say i loved it! The story is good, the actors do a great job and the film kept my attention for the whole two hours. And it had of the probably funniest lines i heard in a film in ages:  "I'm 6'5", 220 pounds, and there are two of me." said by a furious twin :-) And Andrew Garfield is just too cute, cant wait to see him as Peter Parker!

After the film we went to the Woodford Bar and Cafe on  Paul Street for a drink. It re-opened a few weeks ago, i think. Its a lovely place, definitely gonna go there again :-) Absolutely looooove the lampshades! I had a yummy Bulmers Pear, i was waiting for that all week!


  1. agree, social network was very interesting.

  2. I wanna see social network so bad!

    I found your blog a really like it.

    Wanna follow?


  3. Thanks :-)

    You should see it, its really good!

  4. yes, can't wait for the new spiderman too!! ;)