Monday 25 October 2010

Jazz, Zombieland and a roast chicken....

Hope you all had a great weekend! Mine was lovely, just too short (as usual).

Friday night i was out with my lovely Swedish friend Johanna <3 And we decided to go out more often on Saturday instead of Friday! We went home at 12 cause we were both just soooo tired! Au Pair life can be quite exhausting :-D And i might be getting old, soon im 26! I won't be in my early to mid-twenties anymore but in my late-twenties! But then again people think i look like i am 18, so i think i will be fine ...
It was Jazz Festival in Cork, lots of bands were playing (we didn't saw any) and town was apparently packed the whole weekend!

Saturday and Sunday i stayed at the mans house and we were plain lazy :-)
We watched Zombieland, which was really funny, i liked it! But does someone else think that Jesse Eisenberg sounds a bit like Michael Cera in the beginning??
Oh, and Sunday i got a lovely roast chicken with potatoes and vegetables! Thanks Babe, it was YUM :-)

This picture was not taken this weekend, but its still a nice shot of Cork at night!

Hope you all had a weekend as nice as mine!


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