Thursday 21 October 2010

Wow, socks....

So, todays post is about socks! Boring you say??
How about very, very expensive socks?
Wait, it gets even better! 
Very, very expensive and UGLY socks made by Rodarte!

Picture via NY Post

These lovley stockings are made of alpaca wool and mohair yarn.They have a very loose knit, which means they consist of more holes than sock and the best part: you cant wash them, only spot clean!

So how much do you think theyre sold for??
If you guessed $500, well done! They really cost $500 a pair and apparently some were already sold....

Would you buy them??


  1. I wouldn't buy them - my socks get holes in them for free!

  2. Jeez, i would never buy socks that expensive! Thats just stupid! haha

    Marja <3